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PA Consulting - What's the latest?

#1 PA Consulting - What's the latest?
31/05/2016 16:19



I was just wondering what the forums current thinks my is on PA?

I know they have had a pretty torrid time a few years back and got a lot of stick on this forum from past and present employees - but wondered what people's views are of them since the PE investment and appointment of Marcus Agius.

I'd be particularly interested in views on their FS practice. I know this is not a traditional area of strength for them but it was an area they were looking to build out with some of the investment they received.


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#2 RE: PA Consulting - What's the latest?
05/06/2016 11:48

crayola to Imperial1309 (#1)

As you can probably see, PA have become a little insignificant in the market at present.

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#3 RE: PA Consulting - What's the latest?
21/06/2016 22:21

C123 to crayola (#2)

Although it's a surprise none have commented, given how much bench time they all have...

On the plus side apparently pay/bonuses are pretty good right now to stop them wandering off to a company that gives them stuff to do.

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#4 RE: PA Consulting - What's the latest?
01/07/2016 11:15

Hajime to Imperial1309 (#1)

A few points to add here.

FS - the bulk of work is regulatory change related, there have been recent pushes to diversify but not sure how successful they have been to date. Recent internal restructuring has bought more work under he FS p&l from sevice teams I.e. people and change / IT etc.

PE investment effects are still taking hold, much bigger focus on progress vs sales targets means senior ranks are under more pressure. Carlyle are also opening doors to their network. Appointment of MA has not really influenced FS work.

Not sure there is any truth to pay and bonuses being better now than before. Pay has probably always been under market rate, with the potential to match / exceed it with your bonus.

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#5 RE: PA Consulting - What's the latest?
26/07/2017 10:22

reccer to Imperial1309 (#1)

Interested if anyone has any current insight to the current culture here? Been approached about a Principal Consultant role in Change (currently at ACN) - so I'd be interested in a more relaxed, "grown up", less political environment, one where you have smaller groups of highly skilled people delivering good work and less internal admin/overhead.

From what I've been offered as a guide to comp, base + bonus are > than ACN (I am Manager)

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#6 RE: PA Consulting - What's the latest?
28/07/2017 12:46

mcnoob2015 to reccer (#5)

We don't have a 'Change' practice - which service or sector? They all have their own flavour

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#7 RE: PA Consulting - What's the latest?
06/09/2017 10:27

reccer to mcnoob2015 (#6)

Thanks for the reply. The spec i have is for "Managing Consultant - People & Talent" - and the blurb then describes this as Talent & Change. Sector focus is Defence.

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#8 RE: PA Consulting - What's the latest?
06/09/2017 14:37

throw_away to reccer (#7)

Im at PA now and at Principal Consultant rank (albeit a different practice to People and Talent). Don't worry too much about the sector alignment as you'll have plenty of opportunity to span multiple sectors. If you stick with Defence, you'll spend most of your time working remote in Bristol and nearby area.

Culture is decent enough - big enough company that the opportunities are challenging and CV-boosting - but small enough that you wont be lost in some giant machine and treated like a number. You'll get plenty of face time with the partners and given a lot of autonomy in your role.

I genuinely believe we offer a superior level of service to ACC and similar. (although we do charge more)

People and Talent is not the most heavily utilised practice but it is doing very well - your utilisation target will be 80% but this shouldnt be too challenging to meet. Make sure you do hit your bonus targets though - as the bonus is great. You'll be looking at around £15k in people and talent for a normal year at PC rank (although maybe someone else can correct me on that).

As for the bad points..... theres a massive push on business development at the moment which is often at odds with the culture of building lasting client relationships. I've recently seen more bad behaviours than in the past (i.e. selling at PC rank and only resourcing with a C with no support to maximise profit). It can often feel like PA dont know how to manage and grow a strategic account - some practices and partners are better at this than others however. My main complaint is that many of the clients are dull and the projects boring. Great for profit, but ive been here 4 years and never had a client or project that my friends or family have been interested in hearing about.

All in all - its a good culture. Would recommend.

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#9 RE: PA Consulting - What's the latest?
17/09/2017 21:03

reccer to throw_away (#8)

Thanks Throw Away for the content & feedback, interesting stuff indeed. Slightly concerned about the sound of the projects but that can happen anywhere. Will let you know how I get on.

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