Project Manager - Regional Engagement - Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, 3550

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LMICS is the network for cancer in the LM region. It is funded by the DHHS to implement improvements in cancer systems and to support and facilitate improvements in the integration and co-ordination of cancer services. There are nine ICS in Victoria, including LMICS.

LMICS membership incorporates public and private health services across the region. The purpose of this role is to support these services to implement the Victorian Cancer Plan, Loddon Mallee Cancer Services Plan and LMICS Strategic Plan. They will do this by developing, supporting and evaluating projects and disseminating information and advice to the services.

Bendigo Health is the fundholder for LMICS and it is located in the Acute Division alongside Surgical, Oncology and Imaging services.

The LMICS Project Manager - Regional Engagement will be responsible for supporting the various LMICS members and the projects that arise from these services. The role will:
  1. Cultivate excellent working relationships with senior clinical leaders across the region in a way that can inspire collective action without formal authority.
  2. Work with services to develop, support and evaluate projects that meet their internal priorities in line with LMICS operational and strategic plans.
  3. Act as resource to the services by providing information and advice about how their work overlaps and/or integrates with the local and regional and statewide environment as it relates to cancer.
  4. Establish and facilitate greater communication links between LMICS and the member services.
  5. Support and mentor clinicians and consumers as they relate to cancer improvement projects.
Title: Project Manager
Department: LMICS
Classification: HS5
Hours: depending on availability

For further information on the role please refer to the position description.
Applications are to be submitted online.