Ernst & Young: The company

Ernst & Young is one of the largest audit and consulting firms in the world. It employs about 144,000 people worldwide and has offices in more than 140 countries. In the United States, it is the ninth largest private company and the largest tax consulting practice.

Ernst & Young offers a wide range of professional services, including business risk services, audit, assurance, risk advisory, financial reporting, corporate governance, technology and security.

In Australia, Ernst & Young has offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

Consulting jobs at Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young's consulting services include performance improvement, risk, IT risk & assurance and advisory for financial services. The company operates across a variety of industries, including automotive, asset management, government & public sector, insurance, technology, oil & gas, and media & entertainment.

Ernst & Young recruits students, experienced professionals, and executives. Professionals recruited to the executive level are leaders with a global vision, capable of promoting the company's strategy and building strategic relationships based on respect and trust.

Experienced hires have Ernst & Young's learning and career development framework EYU (Ernst & Young and you) available to them, which provides the right infrastructure for any consultant's professional growth.

Students are eligible for the Cadet, Internship Year or Vacationer Program, depending on their area of interest. Only those studying in Australia (incuding foreign students who reside in the country) can apply. The company usually starts the recruitment process for the Graduate Program every March.

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Ernst & Young was founded in 1989, but the companies that formed it date back to the mid-19th century. The oldest of these is Harding & Pullen, a partnership formed in 1849, later joined by Frederick Whinney, who eventually became partner and renamed the company to Whinney Smith & Whinney in 1894.

The firm Ernst & Ernst was founded in Cleveland in 1903 by Alwin C. Ernst and his brother, while Arthur Young & Co. was established in 1906 by Arthur Young in Chicago. In 1924, Ernst & Ernst allied with Whinney, while Young's firm partnered up with Broads Paterson & Co.

When Ernst & Whinney merged in 1979, they formed the fourth largest accountancy firm in the world. The same year, Arthur Young's European arms merged with several European firms and became Arthur Young International. Ernst & Whinney merged with Arthur Young in 1989. The joint company, Ernst & Young, has headquarters in London.